Competitive Intelligence

Management of IP risks and analysis of IP, competitor and market data in order to detect competitive advantages.

Competitor, Technology and IP Monitoring

Developing thoughtful monitoring strategies based on customized and regularly adjusted search algorithms. Based on the created monitoring strategies, assistance in their implementation into existing or new introduced IP software.

Pre-assessment and periodically reporting of monitoring results, to better understand current technology trends and to minimize your workload.

Technology Monitoring makes it thereby possible to discover future developments of competitors and other innovative companies and will reduce the risk of double developments.

Freedom to Operate

Intellectual property is playing a key role in nowadays business and exploitation strategies. In this context, it is important to understand that well-protected products or services does not save from infringement of other third-party IP rights when launching on market.

In order to prepare a successful market launch and limit the risk for future litigation, a Freedom to Operate Search will determine third-party IP rights of competitors, startups and other innovative companies and will give you the possibility to evaluate legally and technically the competitive landscape.

Systematic Approach