IP Search & Analysis

Patent, Trademark and Design Searches tailor-made based on your specific requirements.

Patent Searches

You decide the scope, profundity and representation of the search and its corresponding results. Jointly reviewing of implemented search strategies and considered selection criteria, to obtain IP information that matters for your ongoing project.

Patent Searches

Implementation of precise and accurate patent search strategies, by the utilization of professional and commercial full-text patent databases (e.g. PatBase, Orbit Intelligence, PatentInspiration etc.) with access to over 135 million IP documents from over 100 patent organizations worldwide, including machine translations of Asian patent literature.

Moreover, consideration of scientific publications and the non-patent literature to ensure that most recent inventions and innovations, not yet published by the patent literature, can be identified.

Thereby, various kind of patent searches can be crucial in the evaluation process of innovative projects.

Outline Search

Brief but significant overview about the current state of the art in a technology area or product of interest.

Prior Art Search

Comprehensive patent search regarding the state of the art in a technology area of interest, including the assessment of relevance and where appropriate the evaluation of scientific publications.

Patentability (Novelty) Search

Patent search for the evaluation of novelty and inventive step of inventions. In doing so, comparing the invention to the identified state of the art, to prepare an invention for an intended patent application.

(In)validity Search

Supporting planned or ongoing litigations against potentially infringing patents by comprehensive patent searches, in order to identify patent and non-patent literature that could be crucial for the litigation process. On the other hand, mitigate the litigation risk and prepare contra arguments for a potential litigation by considering relevant and current patent data.

Freedom to Operate Search

In order to prepare a successful market launch and limit the risk for future litigation, a Freedom to Operate or Clearance Search will determine third-party IP rights of competitors, startups and other innovative companies and will give you the possibility to evaluate legally and technically the competitive landscape.

Patent Landscaping

The analysis of an IP and technology landscape will support the decision-making process for the orientation or prioritization of future R&D projects, for the design of new product developments or for the categorization of a company relative to its competitors in a technology sector.

Trademark and Industrial Design Searches

Implementation of search strategies linked to branding and aesthetic appearances of products or services.

Before filing a trademark application, it is important to make sure that a brand name or label is free to use for the classes of products or services to which the brand may can be classified. The same applies for the registration of design rights. Thereby a search in official databases will help to identify similar and already protected brands and designs.

But that´s not all: trademark and design searches can furthermore assist to predict the launch of new products or services by competitors and can help companies to better understand market and consumer trends.