IP Management

Business-driven IP Management: Leading your technology to the right IP protection pathway.

Strategic IP Management

What, How, When and Where
Defining appropriate IP protection plans for inventions, products, and services. Evaluating IP protection possibilities for your invention, product, or service according to the prior artthe technical background and competing products on the relevant market, in order to develop a cost-optimized and effective IP protection strategy.

What and How
Finding the right mix of protection between patentsutility modelstrade secrets and design rights and protecting inventions, products, and services with the support of IP attorneys.

Where and When
Designing effective IP protection strategies for innovations and inventions based on the developed exploitation strategycompetitor behaviors and market demands, in order to support the decision when and where to protect your IP.


How can I do an IP search by my own? What are patent classifications? What is the structure of a patent? How can I interpretate the bibliographic and technical information of a patent? What must be considered when implementing an IP search strategy?

Based on the right mix of insightful information and best practice, helping participants from different areas of expertise to implement IP search strategies with free or commercial IP tools. Adapting workshops on your specific requirements, considering the previous knowledge of participants to create added value no matter if for scientists, engineers or business managers.