Tech Intelligence

Discovering inventive ideas and helping them grow to fully exploit their business potentials

Invention Harvesting and Ideation Workshops

Invention harvesting is an integral part of an overall IP strategy, and is an excellent tool to create highly innovative and solution-oriented inventions. By the participation of innovators and inventors from different technology and responsibility areas, a company’s innovation process can be enriched based on thought-provoking impulses.

Discovering disruptive and innovative ideas by divergent and convergent thinking. Creating meaningful inventions and protecting them by strong IP, in order to shield them against competitors, innovating in the same technological area.

Create together

Creating an inspiring environment by the right mix of insightful information and a playful approach for rather technology-heavy topics. Engaging participants from different areas of expertise to connect and to think mutual outside the box.

Multidimensional analysis

However, ideas and creativity alone are not enough, and a multidimensional and streamlined analysis of market, technological-relevant and IP-related data can increase the chances of patentability and a return of future investment. Therefore, the focus of a workshop would not only be on the creation of new and inventive ideas, but rather on a selection and follow up of the most promising, according to the relevant IP and market landscape.


Selected ideas would then be shaped into inventions by the definition and description of new and protectable features. As a final step, created invention disclosures can then be transformed with the support of IP attorneys into valuable patent applications and the patent filing and product definition process can be enriched with additional technical information.

Strategic Analysis and Tech Foresight

Intelligence business decisions are based on objective valuation techniques. In this context the analysis of IP data and scientific publications can help to derive strategic visions and to give recommendations for future actions. By analyzing the competitive environment, it will be possible to discover and detect inter alia direct competitorsinnovation leadersnew playerscompetitive technologies, or white and hot spots in a target technology area.

By splitting a technology of interest into its subcomponents and analyzing its scientific and IP related characteristics, insightful information’s can be gained. The interpretation of the corresponding IP and technology landscape can thereby serve e.g. to orient or prioritize future R&D projects, plan new product developments or to categorize a company relative to its competitors in a technology sector.

Competitor, Technology and IP Monitoring

Developing thoughtful monitoring strategies based on customized and regularly adjusted search algorithms. Based on the created monitoring strategies, assistance in their implementation into existing or new introduced IP software.

Pre-assessment and periodically reporting of monitoring results, to better understand current technology trends and to minimize your workload.

Technology Monitoring makes it thereby possible to discover future developments of competitors and other innovative companies and will reduce the risk of double developments.

Legal Advice