Tech Transfer

Paving the way for a successful market launch trough multidimensional analysis

Freedom to Operate

Intellectual property is playing a key role in nowadays business and exploitation strategies. In this context, it is important to understand that well-protected products or services does not save from infringement of other third-party IP rights when launching on market.

In order to prepare a successful market launch and limit the risk for future litigation, a Freedom to Operate Search will determine third-party IP rights of competitors, startups and other innovative companies and will give you the possibility to evaluate legally and technically the competitive landscape.

Systematic Approach


In a first step, an analysis regarding features and characteristics of the product or service will outline the orientation of the Freedom to Operate Search. Essential features will be defined and technical details can be clarified.

Search strategy

Each essential feature of the product or service will then be searched for separately, and a comprehensive search strategy defined. Different combinations of synonyms in English, German and Spanish language as well as IPC and CPC classifications build the fundament of the search, in order to identify the greatest possible intersection of IP documents.


As a next step, most relevant IP families will be selected, based on the claims and their scope of protection. By the utilization of professional and commercial IP databases, legal status information of the selected IP families can be identified and extracted accurately.


clear and pre-assessed list of identified IP families, including easily comprehensible legal status information, will serve as a basis for your further analysis and decision-making process. A legal and profound analysis of critical IP families can then be implemented, with the support of IP attorneys.

Tech Transfer Management and Start-Up Support

How can I conduct a competitive analysis for my business plan? What are possible exploitation strategies for my technological innovation? What is the commercial potential of my innovation and what would be an appropriate business strategy? How can I be sure to not infringe a patent before launching on the market? How to attract investment and possible strategic partnerships?

Paving the way for a successful market launch trough multidimensional analysis. Defining goals of businesses and how to fulfill them. Designing profitable business models and strategies for different technologies and R&D outcomes.

IP and Exploitation Management in EU-funded Research Projects

What research results are protectable by IP? What are possible and suitable exploitation strategies? How can we evaluate and validate collaborative project outcomes and what can be an appropriate business strategy?

Supporting and guiding participants of collaborative research projects regarding exploitation, innovation, and IP related issues throughout the lifecycle of their project. Identifying and capturing protectable project results and drafting comprehensive IP and exploitation plans. Profit from a network of IP and exploitation professionals for different kind of problem-solving, in order to maximize the impact of your project outcomes.

Legal Advice